Aeneas “The Epic Hero”

In Greco-Roman mythology, Aeneas was the son of Anchises and the Goddess Aphrodite.  Aeneas took part in the Trojan war of the Dardanians, as an ally of the Trojans, and was the most generous hero on their side with Hector.

After the fall and plunder of Troy, the Greeks allowed the Aeneads to leave undisturbed giving everyone permission to take with them belongings from their property.  While everyone left with sacks filled of gold, silver, jewelry, money, etc.,

Aeneas lifted his elder helpless father, Anchises and carried him out of the city to safety.

Then the Achaeans, admiring this act, allowed him to get freely whatever else he wanted from their home.  But he again prefered nothing more than the sacred idols of the Gods and the family heirlooms, who considered them superior to any other treasure!