Become Aphrodite – mother of Aeneas who fell in love with his mortal father Anchises.

29 Euros –  all of us have unique memories of love.  Become Aphrodite by covering the average cost of each residents’ monthly activities.  That includes trips and talks of the love of art, dance, music and LIFE!


Become Aphrodite

Goddess of Beauty


Become Apollo – the Olympian prophetic God and protector from evil.  Apollo rescued Aeneas from a Combat with Diomedes who nearly killed him during the Trojan War.

49 Euros – Every now and then all of us have the need to be rescued from the mental and physical stress our lives bear on us.  Become Apollo by covering the average cost of a resident’s routine weekly doctor’s visit.


Become Appollo

Protector from Evil


Become Poseidon – God of the Sea and other waters.  Although he normally favors the Greeks, he rescued Aeneas after he fell under assault of Achilles.

99 Euros – A well balanced nutritional diet is important to our life. Become Poseidon and cover the average cost of daily groceries.


God of the Sea

Become Poseidon


Become Zeus –  God of the sky and Lightning – Zeus sent the god of communication and financial gain Mercury to remind Aeneas of his journey and his purpose.

199 Euros – Warm cozy homes in the winter and cool breezy air in the summer is what we all want in order to feel comfortable in our environment.  Become Jupiter by covering the average cost of a resident’s monthly water, heating and electricity.


God of Sky and Lightning

Become Zeus


Become Aeneas – a long term gift of 9 Euros a month, will maintain the financial foundation of reliable monthly giving.


The Epic Hero

Become Aeneas