Role Model

“Aeneas” with direct reference to its historical model, seeks to provide the opportunity for a new life to the elderly.  Providing the opportunity for a dignified life based on the rights of every individual from the  beginning of his journey of the thread of life all the way up to the end.

The structure is therefore called upon to carry on its back, such as the epic hero, the continuation of the elderly’s life, which are often marginalized, isolated and finally abandoned as non-productive citizens, due to the indifference of society as a whole.

Aeneas with the transfer of his father shows his respect and pays tribute to his ancestor, whom he chooses not to give up, but to give him the possibility of survival signaling  a new age for his genus in a new country.

It is precisely in this new era that the structure of “Social Welfare Action Aid” which aims at seeking new social conditions for these people and redefining values in the community through the principles of volunteering and the social care of our fellow citizens.