Why Me?

This is a frequent question that afflicts those who have no real idea of ​​the benefits that can be gained from voluntary action and offer. In modern society, most people are accustomed to spending time and effort only on what is financially beneficial. However, for those who have previously worked as volunteers, the “reward” resulting from this experience can often go far beyond any form of financial compensation.

In a nutshell, volunteering contributes …

In the environment, the group, the community, as social solidarity is cultivated.

In non-formal and informal learning: acquiring and practicing skills.

Work experience.

Practical training and career testing and redefinition of individual goals.

Experience, understanding and acceptance of the different.

Socialization and social networking.

Involvement, group dynamics, active citizenship, opportunities for better quality of life, which gradually leads to the improvement of the social community and the proper implementation of the democratic system.

Feeling euphoria and integration through the achievement of goals.

Source: General Secretariat of New Generation